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Friday, August 5, 2011

CUPE Claims Feds Can Act To Keep Blood Lab In City

The Prime Minister Harper or his health minister can intervene to overturn the decision by Canadian Blood Services to transfer the blood processing lab from Saint John to Dartmouth in 2013 because of health and safety concerns. 

So claims Mike Davidson of the Canadian Union of Public Employees who's less than impressed with the provincial government's desire to seek input from you on what should be done with blood services in the future saying we've already had enough consultation.

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston isn't sure the union is on solid ground with that argument but he maintains the province, because it contributes 25 million dollars a year to Canadian Blood Services, has a strong hand to play. He also is accusing the blood agency of being arrogant and insulting to New Brunswickers.

Weston has been told by the health minister, in response to a question he posed in Parliament, that the federal government will not interfere in the day to day operations of Canadian Blood Services.

Groups Host Clean Up For Passamaquoddy Bay Islands

Cooke Aquaculture is providing three boats for a clean-up tomorrow on the beaches of the Passamaquoddy Bay Islands.

Annie Morrison of the Nature Conservancy of Canada says they will be collecting marine trash from Simpson Island, Barnes Island and Mowatt Island which are all off of Deer Island. She tells CHSJ News that ranges from ropes and nets to shoes.
She says the purpose of the cleanup is to keep the beaches clean for the birds who call the islands home.
Morrison adds they hope to have up to 30 volunteers for the clean-up.

Holder Thinks The 2011 Tourism Season Is Strong

Despite a lack of American license plates in Greater Saint John, the Tourism minister thinks the summer vacation season is going well.
Trevor Holder says there have been some weather challenges.

He says the province's 2011 tourism campaign is getting positive feedback and he adds they have no control over the weather.

Holder adds the two smart cars promoting provincial tourism are being very well received and he says the future of world-wide travel is tied to the cruise ship industry.

Military Exercise Underway In Gagetown And Grand Bay-Westfield

Over 300 soldiers are taking part in a training exercise between Grand Bay-Westfield and Gagetown until Monday.

The exercise creates a challenging training experience to promote the mental agility of students by using a combination of urban environment and conventional war-fighting scenarios.
Soldiers will be carrying weapons with blank ammunition and some mild pyrotechnics will be used.

West Side Getting New Parkland

It's official...there will be soon be a new park in Miford.

The deal finalized at this week's Common Council meeting with Emera and the City completing the rezoning and transfer of 27 acres of waterfront property.

Susan Harris of Emera tells CHSJ News the land was purchased back when work began on the natural gas pipeline and at the time it was suggested the land could be used as a park but, they didn't know then how they might need it. Members of the community want to add walking trails and places for sitting.

The land is located along the St. John River toward Reversing Rapids.