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Thursday, October 13, 2011

School District 8 May Use Red Cross Anti-Bullying Program

In an effort to stop and protect students from bullying, School District 8 is mulling over implementing an anti-bullying program created by The Red Cross.

Stacy Coy is with the Red Cross and she tells CHSJ News the program is effective because not only do students teach the program to their peers, it promotes a lot of dialogue.
She says research shows that youth involvement is the most effective strategy as they know they the ins and outs of the bullying problem.

School Districts 6 and 18 have already used the program.

Two Local Restaurants Get Filmed For The Food Network

Two local restaurants will be before the lens of the Food Network's cameras -- the Saint John Ale House and the Urban Deli will be filmed for the new program "You Gotta Eat Here" over the next few days.

Ale House owner Peter Stoddart tells CHSJ News they were chosen because they're always doing fun and funky things with their menu, such as their lobster roll that uses the meat of an entire lobster and their 42 ounce prime rib challenge.

He says the show will also be looking at their ingredients, the process of making their food, and interviews with fans of the Ale House.

Group Home Workers To Be Out Of Work And Are Worried About Clients

The union representing group home workers is calling out the Social Development Minister for reinstatement of funding.

CUPE spokesperson Vallie Stearns tells CHSJ News 27 workers received notice last week that they will be out of work by December because 3 group homes in the city for the mentally ill are out of funding.

She says while it's tough to see jobs go, the employees are also concerned about the clients and where they will end up.

She says since funding is based on placements and the province has not been making them, they are responsible for the closures.

CUPE is sending a letter to Social Development Minister Sue Stultz to rectify the situation.

Americans In New Brunswick Worried About Being Targeted By The I-R-S

Americans who are living in this province are alarmed at word the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S. is after them for taxes.

 Betty Fay Simmons-Ott of H and R Block tells CHSJ News U.S. citizens are taxed under residency and citizenship so Americans living here still have to file a tax return in the States.

She says a letter is sent to the American tax authorities telling them you didn't realise this was a filing requirement and that has been satisfactory so far with no fines or penalities imposed.

Her advice is to get the paperwork filed as soon as you can because beginning in 2013 and 2014 banking information will be passed back and forth.

Anemic Outlook On Provincial Economy

Don't expect robust economic growth in the province for the rest of this year and next according to the latest outlook from B-M-O Capital Markets.

Economist Robert Kavcic tells CHSJ News growth will be limited to 1.5 per cent this year and 1.4 per cent in 2012 and that will put a lid on any job growth.

He warns some major projects like the 1.7 billion dollar potash mine development in Sussex and the Point Lepreau nuclear plant refurbishment are set to wind down next year.

Kavcic adds another big reason for the sluggish performance is the continuing slowdown in the American economy where 85 per cent of exports from New Brunswick head.

Bear Struck Along Highway

Police getting an unusual call a short while ago just before 6:00......One of our road warriors telling us a bear cub was struck along Highway One eastbound near the Rothesay Avenue exit. 

The Department of Natural Resources has been called.

School District 8 Projected To Be In The Red Ink

School District 8 is predicting a 200-thousand dollar budget deficit for the current fiscal year.

Director of Finance Chris Toole tells CHSJ News while the final figure is not set in stone, the red ink is definitely a concern.

He says there are many factors that could make the final number higher or lower as the cost of heating, fuel for buses, and sick days are wildcards that affects the final number.

However, he adds that the 2 million budget cut as ordered by the province definitely cost the district some much needed flexibility.

Saint John Man Sentenced For North End Shooting

A three year prison term handed a 22 year old man for a shooting in the north end.

Trent Byers had been charged with attempted murder but changed his plea to the lesser charge of aggravated assault. 

He was charged after Bruce Higgins was shot at the corner of Main and Albert Streets in the early morning hours of April 15th. 

Higgins told Police he was to meet Byers to buy drugs but says, instead of that, a car pulled up to the street corner and that's when he was shot in the stomach.

Big Rise In Price Of Gas

You're going to have to pay more for self serve regular after a significant increase of almost 5 cents a litre following the weekly setting. 

It's being sold around town for $1.26.3 while diesel also went up by a couple of cents to $1.31.9.

Heating oil will also cost you more at $1.14.9 and propane is up by under a cent with a listed price of $1.16.5 a litre.