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Friday, May 9, 2014

VIDEO: Day Of Honour Ceremony At The Barrack Green Armouries

Soliders And Dignitaries Gather To Honour Afghan Troops

Soldiers, politicians, and dignitaries gathered this afternoon at the Barrack Green Armouries to possibly get a sense of closure, and remember the Canadians who died, during Canada's recently-completed mission in Afghanistan.

Sergeant MacNeill served with the Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment and has completed a number of tours overseas-- including two in Afghanistan. He tells CHSJ News what he often sees is a sense that everyone supports soldiers until it's time to actually do something to honour their service, in which case there is often only scant interest from the civilian population.

A gathering on Parliament Hill is also honouring the sacrifices of Canada’s 13-year military engagement in Afghanistan.
In total, 158 troops lost their lives over that period.

More Liberal Candidates Will Be Chosen Tomorrow

Another sign we are barreling toward a provincial election this fall.  

There are two Liberal nomination meeting tomorrow, one in Saint John and the other in Rothesay.

Saint John Lancaster Liberals choose a candidate first and they have three people vying for the nomination...Ivan Court, Don Ketchum and Peter McGuire.

That meeting is being held at the Peter Murray arena with the nomination beginning at 11am, doors open at 830am.

A few hours later in Rothesay, another Liberal nomination meeting begins at 2pm at the Bill McGuire Memorial Centre.

Doors open at 10am for that one.

Fraud & Weapons Charges For Two Men In Their 20s

According to police, a 22 year old man is facing fraud charges after allegedly opening fake bank accounts, depositing empty envelopes, then making withdrawals.

He was arrested at a bank on King Street.

As well, a 20 year old is facing weapons charges after he was seen walking around on a path near Landsdowne Plaza with a gun, which turned out to be a pellet gun.

20 year old was ordered to drop it 3 or 4 times before he finally did turned out to be a pellet gun.

When arrested, he was also found to have marijuana on him. He is also expected in court this afternoon.

Saint John M-L-A Defends Alward Government's Record On Wellness

Healthy and Inclusive Communities Minister Dorothy Shephard says the Alward Government is doing more to bring about wellness than the previous Liberal Government ever did. 

She's responding to criticism from Liberal M-L-A Donald Arsenault about the obesity rate in New Brunswick being 10 per cent higher than the national average.

Shephard tells CHSJ News it's going to take some time to make inroads with lowering the rate of obesity when you have a culture where sugar and video games are okay.

There's a new documentary being released narrated by Katie Couric that blames food manufacturers for a dependency on sugar that's considered largely responsible for obesity.

Australian researchers are now saying for women age 30 and older, being a couch potato could be more hazardous to their heart health than smoking or carrying extra weight.

Unemployment Rate Rises Locally

A disappointing report from Stats Canada on jobs with the April unemployment rate nationally staying at 6.9 per cent in spite of the economy shedding 29 thousand jobs.

In New Brunswick, the jobless rate rose from 9.7 per cent in March to 10 and a half per cent in April with the loss of 600 fulltime and 48 hundred part time jobs.

The unemployment rate in Saint John also going up from 6.8 to 6.9 per cent.

Harrison Is Not Re-Offering This Fall

There will be a change in the MLA's representing Hampton this fall....whether it's a change in the party that MLA represents remains to be seen.

Longtime Hampton MLA Bev Harrison is not seeking re-election this fall.

Harrison previously served as MLA in the ridings of Saint John Fundy, Hampton Belleisle and Hampton Kings.

During that time he was speaker in the Legislative Assembly for two terms also serving as Government House Leader and Opposition House Leader.

Harrison spent 32 years as a teacher and 25 years in the Air Cadet movement.

School Closure


MacDonald Consolidated school on the Kingston Peninsula is closing early due to a small electrical fire.  

 Buses will be leaving by noon.

Remember The Afghan Mission Today In Saint John

You can take part in a ceremony this afternoon to honour the sacrifice of our military in Afghanistan. 

Captain David Eadie tells CHSJ News it will take place at the Barrack Green Armouries.

The four local reserve units, HMCS Brunswicker, 3rd Field Regiment, 37 Service Battalion and the Signal Regiment will be taking part along with local legions.

The ceremony is coming up at 2pm today in the parking lot of the Barrack Green Armouries on Broadview Avenue.

A national ceremony will take place in Ottawa today.

Police Report Strange Incident Uptown

There was a bit of a car chase that started outside City Hall on Chipman Hill late yesterday afternoon but it didn't last that long, winding up outside the courthouse on Peel Plaza right across from police headquarters. 

It began when a young man was seen urinating on Chipman Hill and when police approached he got back in the car, which turned out to be stolen in Edmunston, and took off. 

One person stayed in the car once it stopped at Peel Plaza but the second man ran down the hill, through the pedway towards Harbour Station. He was eventually arrested in a garbage dumpster along City Road.

(Photo courtesy of Mark McGraw)