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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jet Boat Co-Owner Wants Reimbursement, Protocol For Water Rescues

When something goes wrong at the Reversing Falls, many times, the jet boat is the first on the scene.

But the co-owner of the tourist attraction, Marc Gosselin, says it's bad for business and he's gone to the City Manager, Pat Woods, asking for reimbursement and for a protocol to be put into place for water rescues.

As he waits for an answer, Gosselin tells CHSJ News he's not optimistic. He says they've been taking part in these water rescues for the past 19 years, and the issue was brought up five years ago and nothing changed, so he doesn't see things changing now.

He says the business ultimately loses out because they have to shut down the entire operation while a rescue takes place, and in the midst of an already-slow tourism season, the sight of emergency vehicles turns tourists away.

Gosselin says they respond to a minimum of two rescues a year. In July alone, they responded to at least two.

Alleged Drug Dealer Arrested In The South End

A 48 year old Saint John man has been arrested by the Street Crime Unit and is facing several drug trafficking charges.

Several police units worked together on a take down of Gary Nicholas Northrup, which happened on Carmarthen Street near Duke Street in the South End at around 2:20 p.m. Monday afternoon. 

He made a court appearance today to answer to the charges and was remanded. He is due back in court tomorrow for sentencing.   

Police Investigating Armed Robbery In South End

Three masked men who carried out an armed robbery at an apartment in the South end making away with the victims' property. 

Police received the call about the robbery on Mecklenburg Street just after 12am.

They describe the suspects as being in their late teens or early 20s, between 5'4 and 5'6 tall with a slim to medium build. They were dressed in dark clothing, including hoodies with the hoods up.

They're asking anyone who has any information about this crime to contact them at 648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). You can also provide information anonymously on the NB Crime Stoppers Website:

Teen Arrested In Gunpoint Robbery

A teenager is facing charges  after a robbery at gun point last night in Rothesay.

Police got the call that a man was robbed with a weapon and the suspect made off with a small amount of cash. The victim wasn't hurt.

Last night police received a report of a man who was robbed at gun point in Rothesay. A small amount of money was taken but the victim was unharmed.

A total of three men are in custody in connection with the incident. An 18 year old will appear in court tomorrow.

Police Investigating Fatal Highway Crash

A woman was killed early this morning in a highway crash.

The single-vehicle collision happened at 8:20am on the TransCanada Highway at kilometre marker 214, near Meductic. 

There were two women and two children in the car. One woman died at the scene and the others were brought to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

RCMP say it's believed the driver lost control of the vehicle and it rolled several times.

A collision re-constructionist is helping with the investigation.

Traffic was reduced to one lane.

Parking/Transit Need To Work Together

In any urban center, parking and transit are intertwined--and one common councillor would like to see the parking and transit commissions amalgamated to cut down on costs. 

 Donna Reardon telling common council she thinks it's the ethical responsibility of the city to provide a transit system that works best for citizens who don't have any other option.

Reardon says by joining together the transit and parking commissions the city can save a lot of money and avoid duplicating services.

Councillor Bill Farren warns it could be a long process considering the city first started talking about amalgamating the boards back in 2004-2005.

Diving Death Prompts Swimming Safety Advisory

In the wake of the recent diving death of a young man, the RCMP are asking that swimmers be safe in unfamiliar waters.

A 21 year-old from Gaspereau Falls was taken to hospital on July 20 after he dove head-first off a dock in the Cumberland Bay area into about a foot of water. Timothy Robinson of Gaspereau Falls suffered a spinal cord injury and died the the next day.

Police believe it was an accident, but they're still investigating the exact circumstances.

Sergeant Joel Saule of the Oromocto RCMP says they just want people to stay safe in or near the water, because one decision can have tragic or lifelong consequences.

The Mounties have some tips if you want to take a dip in waters you don't know well: Check the depth of the water and make sure there are no hazards, only dive into clear, unobstructed water and enter the water feet-first unless you know the water is deep enough to dive.

Some Businesses Have A Week To Take Down Signs

If you drove into Saint John as a visitor, you might think the whole city was for sale.

In SJ, many of businesses appear to think public property is fair game to put up their signs and advertisements--and that attitude, according to common council, is taking away from the atmosphere of the city. 

Common Councillor Shirley McAlary warning the public in the coming weeks city crews will be on the lookout for rogue signs. Ones that don't comply with the bylaws will be confiscated and the business owners will have to pay a fine to get them back.

McAlary points out Halifax charges on a yearly basis for signs placed on public land.

Another Attempt At Finding Common Ground On Shale Gas

The Atlantica Centre for Energy taking another step toward trying to find common ground on the energy future of the province with the release of another video. 

Opinion is divided right down the middle on shale gas and it doesn't appear as if minds can be changed. Atlantica's John Herron tells CHSJ News the videos will be offering up different perspectives on how the province should proceed.

He says neither industry nor the government should lead the discussion andbelieves it could be the Energy Institute through Louis LaPierre with a citizens roundtable.

Herron warns protests happen when people don't think they're being listened to.

VIDEO: Police Want Your Help Identifying Robbery Suspects

The RCMP want your help investigating a break, enter and theft at a pharmacy in Salisbury. They're now releasing surveillance video of two suspects, in hopes that the public can help to identify them.

Last Saturday between 2 and  3a.m., two people broke into a pharmacy on Main Street and took off with prescription drugs and money. Both suspects were dressed in black with their heads and faces covered.

Anyone with information about this incident, or who may recognize either of the individuals in the video, is asked to contact the RCMP, or to provide information anonymously through Crime Stoppers at or 1-8000-222-TIPS (8477).

Home Invasion In The South End

Three armed robbers with their faces concealed carried out a home invasion in the south end. 

This took place in an apartment in the Mecklenberg Street area. 

Five people were in the apartment at the time and no one was seriously hurt but there were minor injuries.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pair Arrested In Norton Home Invasion

The RCMP have arrested a man and woman who allegedly forced their way into a home in Norton and threatened the owner.

The 25 year old homeowner fired a shot into the floor of the house, after which the pair took off in a car. He was arrested but later released.

Police say this was an isolated incident. The homeowner and one of the suspects knew each other.

Mill Rats Launch Campaign To Boost Fan Base

When they hit the court for the first game of their fourth season, the Mill Rats want to see a packed stadium. 

The team launching a campaign called 1000 Reasons Why, where they'll show the Saint Johners why the basketball team is good for the city. They've announced a goal of 1000 new season ticket-holders.

And if you're not a basketball fan, you're exactly the type of person the Mill Rats want to see at their games. President and General Manager Ian McCarthy says he's found that many people who go to a Mill Rats game for the first time, often return.

McCarthy says while losing Rogers as a sponsor was a blow, they're ready to transition into a new phase.

Mayor Mel Norton describing the Mill Rats as one of the most exciting entertainment products you'll find in Atlantic Canada.

Pension Coalition Hires Lawyer

The New Brunswick Pension Coalition is pulling out the legal big guns in their fight to get the provincial government to adopt the Shared Risk Model for its pension plan on a go-forward basis only. 

Coalition spokesperson Clifford Kennedy tells CHSJ News their goals haven't changed since they've hired Toronto lawyer Ari N. Kaplan, who has a track record of successfully counseling public sector pensioners. He says they simply want the existing agreement to be respected.

Kennedy says they decided to hire a lawyer now because the government has been clear that they want to go ahead with the Shared Risk Model---and the Coalition wants to make sure the plan members are protected.

Gerry Lowe Reacts To Irving Sign Controversy

A glowing, 21-foot Irving sign is going dark until August 20 after residents complained it was put on Red Head Road without permission. 

We asked common councillor Gerry Lowe whether he really believed it was a "miscommunication" as Irving reps claimed. Lowe responded that while it likely was the result of some sort of a misunderstanding, he doesn't really believe the sign was put up simply for safety issues either. 

The Planning Advisory Committee will consider the sign again at its next meeting.

Poverty Seen As The Key Factor Affecting Your Health

A newly released report concludes how much you earn, what sort of housing you have, early childhood development and how well you eat are viewed as key factors that affect your health. 

Those conclusions were reached after the Canadian Medical Association held a series of town hall meetings and heard from something like a thousand people.

The provincial co-ordinator of the Common Front for Social Justice Jean-Claude Basque isn't surprised at the extent of food insecurity in New Brunswick. He says the main problem is that people in the province on the lower end of the income ladder just don't make enough money.

He claims if you're working, you should not be in a position where it's tough to eat well because you're not making enough money.

Basque tells CHSJ News if you have to rely on food banks, as more and more people in the province are doing, you likely won't have access to fruits and vegetables.

Shot Fired In Home Invasion

The RCMP on the lookout for a man and woman who are wanted after forcing their way into a home in Norton and threatening the owner.

The two took off in a hurry after the 25 year old homeowner fired a shot into the floor of the house. He was arrested but later released.

Police say the homeowner and one of the suspects know each other and are terming this an isolated incident.

Canaport Wants To Export Natural Gas

Canaport LNG is evolving as a trans shipment terminal with its application to Environment Canada for approval to export liquified natural gas overseas. 

That, according to John Herron of the Atlantica Centre for Energy who tells CHSJ News there's a glut of natural gas in the North American market so this make perfect sense.

Herron says the glut has been created due to shale gas development and the liquified natural gas would fetch a much higher price in Europe and Asia because the world market for natural gas is skewed.

Saint John Closing In On Major Development Deal

Saint John is close to inking a deal to develop the old Coast Guard site adjacent to Market Square.

Kent MacIntyre of Saint John Waterfront Development tells CHSJ News says the development could produce up to a million dollars a year in property tax.

He says it has the potential to draw more private enterprise to Saint John. He says once the density of the uptown core is increased, the area will be buzzing with activity from small and medium-sized businesses. 

Three assessments showed contaminants were present at the site, an environmental clean-up is going to cost them less than a million dollars. MacIntyre says he expects the developer will have a building permit in his hands by late 2014.

Recall Of Cheese In Province

Consumers are being warned to avoid eating Igor brand Gorgonzola Cheese because the product may be contaminated with Listeria.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the Italian-made cheese is sold in 1.5 kilogram packages but may have also cut into smaller packages by some retailers and was distributed in New Brunswick.

Date Set For Bandstand To Be Unveiled

If you're a history buff or simply a fan of live music you'll want to save the date on Thursday at noon.

King Square will be bustling will a celebration of the refurbished King Square bandstand. Mayor Mel Norton announed that the bandstand won't just look better---it'll sound great, too, with performances by the Saint Mary's Band and more contemporary local artists.

The as-yet anonymous donors who financed the refurbishment will also be revealed on Thursday. 

Improvements to the iconic structure include new floor supports for the second level, electrical hookups, and cleaning up the copper roof.

21-Foot Sign In Rural Area Draws Ire Of Residents

A 21-foot sign erected in a rural neighbourhood will be going dark for now.

Residents are saying the glowing Irving sign near Canaport  went up several weeks without permission and it's ruining the view for homeowners along Red Head Road. 

Cheryl Armstrong lives across the street. She says it's another example of the corporation using land without permission. According to her, what was supposed to be an emergency access road is now being used by all kinds of heavy vehicles.

Irving Spokesman Rick Turner called it a "miscommunication" saying they aren't sure how the sign went up without proper permission being granted.

Irving has now agreed to turn the lights off until they can bring the matter before the city's Planning Advisory Committee.

Uptown Vandalism

Two arrests made after the window at the Dollar Store on Germain Street was broken out early this morning. 

One person was taken to hospital to be treated for lacerations. 

City Police are investigating whether other store windows in the area have also been smashed out.

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Measures Must Be Taken To Prepare For Flooding Says MLA

A carbon copy of the flood of the century is how one MLA describes what happened in St. Stephen over the weekend. 

With the devastating 2010 flood still fresh in the minds of residents, MLA for Charlotte-The Isles Rick Doucet is calling on the Alward government to do more when it comes to preparing for floods and helping people avoid flood damage.

Doucet tells CHSJ News he'll be re-introducing an amendment to the Emergency Measures Act to provide better coordination of emergency measures for those in charge of critical infrastructure in flood-prone areas. 

Many people have voiced their frustration to him about the dam in particular. He says they want more communication coming from the operators of the dam so that people are aware of what they're doing and when.

In an effort to get input from residents, he's organized a public meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 7pm at the Magaguadavic Place in St. George.

Police Investigating Tool Theft From Trailer

Police want your help in finding who is responsible for a theft from a work trailer in Quispamsis. 

Constable Nathan McIntyre of the Rothesay Regional Police says sometime between Saturday and today, a large amount of tools were stolen from the trailer on Millennium Drive.

Crimestoppers is offering a $1000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the culprit.
To contact the police, call 847-6300. You can contact the KV Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Man Killed In Highway 7 Crash Identified

The Mounties have identified the man killed in a crash between a coach bus and a car on Friday as 31 year-old Jean-Fran├žois Audrain.

They say Audrain is originally from Montreal, but was living in Welsford. He was the driver and only person in the car that collided with the bus on Highway 7, about halfway between Saint John and Fredericton. 

They're still investigating the cause of the crash, however, heavy rains are believed to have been a factor.

Secret Shopper Scam Targeting New Brunswickers

If you get a suspicious cheque in the mail, beware. A secret shopper scam is targeting New Brunswickers.

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission says a 13 year-old Minto girl received a cheque in the mail for $3,900 saying she qualified as a secret shopper. Her parents intervened by calling police, sharing their story on social media and reporting it to the commission. 

The commission says scams like this one have been making the rounds across the country. At least three other people have been approached.

The scheme starts when you get a cheque and letter from a company asking you to spend the money at a certain store, then asks for a certified cheque or a money transfer in return telling you that you can keep the rest of the money as compensation.

If you've been the target of a scam, get in touch with the Financial and Consumer Services Commission by calling (866) 933-2222.

Parking Meter App Gaining Traction In Province

After getting the green light from Fredericton for a pilot project, the founder of a parking app has set his sights on Saint John. 

Phillip Curley is a student at UNB and the CEO of Hot Spot Parking, a program that lets you pay for on-street parking through your smartphone.

It works like this: when you sign up for the app online, you register your phone number, and when that number phones the Hot Spot Parking system, it will deduct money from your existing balance.

Curley tells CHSJ News he's been in talks with Uptown Saint John to set up meetings with retailers to get them on board. Through the app, retailers can choose to pay for their customers' parking.

The pilot project in Fredericton starts on Thursday, and Curley says he wants roll out the app in Saint John by September. He says installing the app in the city may come with an integration fee.

Development Of Old Coast Guard Site Moving Closer

Things are moving ahead on a development that could change the face of the uptown. That's the indication from City Manager Pat Woods as he tells members of Common Council planning for development of the old coast guard site, adjacent to Market Square is progessing at a quickened pace. 

The Saint John Development Corporation is seeking 214 thousand dollars from the city to pay for the planning necessary for an environmental cleanup and repairs to the seawall. 

Woods terms the request "reasonable", saying the work will only go ahead after an agreement is signed with the proposed developer.

Former Mayor Wants War Declared On Illegally Placed Signs

Common Council is being asked by Councillor at Large Shirley McAlary to authorise the city to seize all the signs that have been placed where they shouldn't be.

McAlary has heard complaints about signs making it harder for drivers to see oncoming traffic because of where they're placed as well as from pedestrians about the sandwich board signs on sidewalks. 

She says a city bylaw stipulates real estate signs can only be placed in front of the properties that are up for sale. McAlary claims the real estate firms know this but are reluctant to take down their signs until other businesses are forced to do the same.

Jet Boat Rescues Woman From Reversing Falls

One of the city's tourist attractions taking part in another water rescue over the weekend. 

The co-owner of the Reversing Falls Jet Boat Rides, Marc Gosselin, says their boat was the first on the scene and rescued a woman from the falls at 7pm Saturday night. Gosselin was told the woman was able to stand, though was badly bruised.

Recently, they also took part in the rescue of two kayakers, one of whom overturned.

People With Flood Damage Urged To Report It

The people who live in Charlotte and York counties whose properties have sustained damage as a result of the heavy rainfall on July 26th are requested by the Emergency Measures Organization to report the damage to Service New Brunswick. 

You may do so by calling toll-free at 1-888-298-8555 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. or online. 

These reports will help officials assess the damage.

New Brunswick Kids May Not Be Getting Enough To Eat

25 per cent of children are living in New Brunswick households that are having a difficult time putting the food they need on the table. 

That claim being made in a new report published by researchers at the University of Toronto.

The researchers have concluded nearly one in eight Canadian households experienced food insecurity in 2011 and with the exception of Newfoundland and Labrador, food insecurity has persisted or even gotten worse in every province and territory since 2005.

St. Stephen Recovering After Weekend Flooding

Despite washed out streets and over 40 waterlogged basements, St. Stephen's mayor says with more than 165mm of rain falling onto the town, the situation could have been much worse.

Mayor John Quartermain tells CHSJ News he was on his way back from his lakeside cottage when he first heard about the flooding. On his way back into town, he says he pulled off of the new highway onto King Street and saw the road was completely covered in five or six feet of water.

He says they're trying to arrange meetings with the provincial government next week to find out how to handle the flooding issue. He says it's happened before, referencing the devastating 2010 flood, and chances are it will happen again. 

The forecast is calling for more rain for the town this week.

Green Party Leader Unimpressed With Plans To Protect More Wilderness

The Alward Government plans to double the percentage of protected wilderness in the province. 

That might sound like a good thing to most people but not to the leader of the Provincial Green Party David Coon who tells CHSJ News there's less to this than meets the eye.

Coon argues the areas that will be protected are those where companies have been restricted to select cutting which is more expensive than clear cutting which he claims is continuing on an unimaginable scale.

He claims New Brunswick is facing a crisis when it comes to protecting habitat and the province is caving in to pressure from the forestry industry.

Common Council To Consider Reorganisation Of Transit And Parking

Common Council will be hearing a joint presentation tonight from Saint John Transit and the Parking Commission on options for reorganisation. 

They range from the status quo to outright amalgamation with the two budgets being integrated into one. In that setup, there would be a general manager overseeing the whole operation and separate managers for transit and parking. 

Transit service costs the city 5 million dollars a year while parking administration generate 1.3 million dollars in revenue for the city. 

Council is also being told the Trade and Convention Centre is operating an overall deficit of more than 830 thousand dollars.

Arrests Made In Domestic Disputes

Two arrests made by City Police after two separate domestic assaults. 

A 30 year old man is facing charges of assault and making threats after an incident on Guilford Street on the west side and a 56 year old man is looking at an assault charge after another domestic disturbance on Waterloo Street.

Major Traffic Disruption On East Side

There will be a major traffic disruption beginning today at Loch Lomand Road and Kane's Corner with traffic reduced to one lane each way because of reconstruction. Thorne Avenue at Kane's Corner will also be reduced to one lane each way and traffic will be detoured away from Russell Street. The reconstruction work will be continuing until November.

The Chesley Drive on-ramp to the westbound lane of the Harbour Bridge is closed for the next few days because of repair work.

Somerset Street is reopened to traffic but crews will be painting the lines along the road this week.

Local Cabinet Minister Sounding More Confident About Pipeline

Fundy Royal M-P and federal cabinet minister Rob Moore says, as he sees it, the business case to move ahead with the west to east oil pipeline all the way to Saint John has been made but it's still not a done deal.

Trans Canada's timeline would see the pipeline extended to Saint John in 2018.

Trans Canada has also announced public meetings will be held at various locations in the province along the route the pipeline would follow.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Maritime Delegation On Mission To Save Oyster Industry

A group of Maritime delegates are visiting New England for a week to learn how they've dealt with a deadly oyster disease that could have devastating consequences for Atlantic Canada's aquaculture industry. 

MSX, or Multinucleate Sphere X, is caused by a microscopic parasite that kills oysters. The disease decimated Nova Scotia's aquaculture industry in 2001. Executive Director of Nova Scotia's aquaulture industry, Bruce Hancock, says New England has developed fast-growing oyster strains that are also MSX-resistant. Hancock says the cost of the disease in Atlantic Canada is about a million dollars a year.

The aquaculture associations of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are leading a group of about 16 researchers, industry delegates and government officials. The group will travel to Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to talk about technology and policy approaches against MSX.

The disease poses no threat to humans.

Queen Square Farmers Market Gets Electricity

The Queen Square Farmers Market is getting plugged in. Organizer Jody Kliffer tells CHSJ News the market is finally getting an electrical hook-up.

Kliffer believes it's going to have a positive impact on the market. He says electricity means the market can offer a wider variety of hot food items for sale.

The market occasionally used generators in the past, but Kliffer says they're clunky, noisy and emit gas fumes. He says it wasn't in the spirit of the market.

Now, he says, vendors only need to bring an extension cord to get electricity flowing to their stand. Today's market runs until 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

One Dead In Highway Crash Between Coach Bus And Vehicle

A man is dead after a fatal crash between a car and a coach bus on the highway. 

RCMP say it happened at 5:20pm on Highway 7 near Petersville, which is located about halfway between Saint John and Fredericton. 

The driver, who was the only person in the vehicle, died at the scene. Three of the nine people on the Maritime Bus coach were treated for minor injuries. 

What caused the crash isn't yet known, however, the Mounties say heavy rain may have played a role in the collision. They don't believe speed or alcohol are factors.

A collision re-constructionist is helping with the investigation.

Vehicle Flips On Highway

One person brought to hospital after a vehicle flipped over on the highway. 

It happened at noon on Highway 1, near the Fox Farm Road exit. Division Chief Mark Wilson of the Saint John Fire Department says when fire crews arrived, the person was out of the vehicle and being checked out by EMS. 

He says the person's injuries are not life-threatening.

Basement Blaze On Millidge Avenue

City fire crews battling a basement blaze for over two hours.

Acting Platoon Chief Roy Byers says they received the call of a structure fire at 876 Millidge Avenue just before 6pm, and the first firefighters on the scene reported seeing smoke. 

Byers says they were able to keep the fire from spreading, nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire has been deemed accidental.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Three People Arrested In Cochran's Robbery

The three people responsible for the July 16th robbery at Cochran's Country Market have been caught.

Keith Oliver Dickson, 47, has been charged with armed robbery and more charges are pending. The other two suspects will appear in court next week to answer to similar charges.

The RCMP, Rothesay Regional Police Force, and SJ Police Force worked together on the investigation and it is expected these arrests will be linked to other violent crimes in the area.

UPDATE: Road Closures

Currently all roads are back open except the east bound land of Rothesay Ave. in front of Fundy Honda. 

Man Charged In Child Porn Investigation

A 60-year-old Moncton man has been charged as part of an investigation by the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Internet Child Exploitation Units.

The RCMP executed a search warrant yesterday at a Moncton home. A man was arrested and computer items were seized.

Eugene Marshall was charged with breaching probation by accessing the Internet for something other than work-related purposes, as well as communicating online with someone under the age of 16, and luring a child under 16 over the Internet.

Marshall is scheduled to appear in court on August 2 for a bail hearing.

Rainy Weather To Continue Overnight

Even with the heavy rainfall for much of today expected to continue intermittently overnight, we haven't broken any records yet.

Linda Libby of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News we always see quite a bit of rain in July.

The closest we've come to breaking a rainfall record set in 1973 this month was on July 23, when the record was 36.3 millimeters and we got 33.8.

Missing Girl Found Safe

A 14-year-old girl who had been reported missing from her residence in Moncton on July 25 has been located safe and sound.

The Codiac Regional RCMP thanks the public for their assistance.

Different Viewpoints Expressed At Anti-Sex Offender Rally

Pouring rain didn't stop another rally against sex offenders being released into the city from going ahead in King Square.

While many of the marchers were calling for a sex offender registry in the province, others weren't so sure about that idea . Elsie McGraw runs a group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and she tells CHSJ News she's afraid posting people's pictures in a registry could lead to vigilantism--and even confusion if someone resembles a known sex offender.

McGraw says for her the most important thing is to make people aware of the signs that an adult is abusing children.

Movies On The Big Screen In The South End

If you're a fan of going to the movies but don't like the pricey admission prices these days, here's a potential solution for you.

South End Cinema is a volunteer run effort. They're screening monthly movies in the uptown. Organizer Jody Kliffer tells CHSJ News since the Paramount closed there hasn't been much in the way of movies uptown.

Kliffer says their goal is to choose different films and show them in under-appreciated spaces. Brick walls,  in Queen Square, vacant lots and more have all been discussed as options.

The last movie was The Big Lebowski which was shown by donation at Interaction Children's Theatre. The next show is last Thursday in August. You can visit their Facebook group here for more details.