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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Threat With Weapon At Uptown Pub

A man is in police custody and facing a court date after threatening people with a weapon at an uptown pub early Saturday morning.

City police say the man in his mid-twenties was arrested around 1:30 am outside O'Leary's Pub on Princess Street.

Police say they received the call from bar staff and no one was hurt in the incident. Police would not say what kind of weapon was used.

Young Farmers Compete In Pumpkin Contest

Farmers as young as five will be showing off their pumpkin growing skills today.

The Kingston Farmers Market is hosting their annual "Pumpkin Growing Contest", where kids ages five to sixteen compete in two different age categories and are judged on the size of their pumpkins.

Market Manager Lorraine Forbes tells CHSJ news the contest gives pride to kids in growing their own product.

The young farmers will be bringing in their pumpkins this morning and judging will take place at noon.

City Liberal Likes Trudeau In The Race

Justin Trudeau is running for the Federal Liberal leadership and a former Liberal MLA thinks he is just what the Liberal party needs right know.

Roly MacIntyre tells CHSJ News the Trudeau legacy is still powerful in the Maritimes and will help him in the race. 

He says Trudeau is not hard to support adding the Federal Liberals need renewal and he's the answer.

MacIntyre says he's met Trudeau a few times and finds him knowledgeable and charismatic.