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Monday, April 5, 2010

Rodney Weston Speaks With the Media on Harbour Bridge

(Saint John MP Rodney Weston Speaks With Media)
               (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Not happy with the response Ottawa's proposal for the future of the Harbour Bridge is receiving, the MP for Saint John has come out swinging.

Rodney Weston says he challenges Energy Minister Keir or anyone else to find in the Harbour Bridge agreement that it is a federal responsibility.

Weston adds for Minister Keir to suggest Ottawa has not lived up to it's responsibility is arrogance beyond belief and for the man who has effectively shut out the lights on the Energy Hub, it's not acceptable either.

More Comments From Keir on Harbour Bridge

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
           (File Photo)

Minister Keir says he doesn't want to get into a war of words with the MP for Saint John but is shocked he blames him for what he see's as the Energy Hub failure.

Minister Keir says he likes Weston but realizes that won't get a deal done and the last thing he wanted was a war of words.

He remains hopeful that a deal can be ironed out by both sides.

We May Set New Temperature Record

It looks like we may be setting a new high temperature record for this date -- the temperature has been hovering in the 16-degree range most of the afternoon.
If it holds -- it will squeak out the existing record high for this day which is 15-degrees set in 1953.
By the way -- the record low temperature for this date is minus 14.8 set in 1995.

Income Tax Deadline Just 25 Days Away

With Easter now just a memory -- the next big date facing us is the deadline for filing our Income Tax returns.
Roger Haineault of Help 4 Taxes tells CHSJ News there are a couple of new tax credits this year -- one of them for first time home buyers.
The other is the home renovation tax credit -- Haineault says the average return is running about 100-dollars higher than last year.
The deadline for filing your 2009 tax return is April 30th.

Update on Shannex Development

72 beds will be open for business at the Province's newest nursing home April.21st.

That is when the first resident is scheduled to arrive at the Shannex Complex at the end of Millenium Drive in Quispamsis.

Site manager John Campbell tells CHSJ News, this is welcome news to hospitals in the area.

Campbell adds the retirement building in the complex should be open in June with the special care operation to be up and running this fall.

Attempted Murder Arrest

A sharp eye by RCMP means a man wanted for attempted murder is back behind bars.

While on patrol yesterday in Caraquet, a man was spotted driving a vehicle and taken into custody in the Rang St. George area by officers.

24-year-old Andre Gilles Frigault has charges pending in relation to the arrest.

Flooding a Concern in Oakville Acres

The atmosphere could be tense when residents from Oakville Acres appear before Rothesay Town Council next Monday to talk about what they are calling a flooding crisis.

They're a frustrated lot and Gary Howard of the Oakville Acres Citizens Committee tells CHSJ News they will be ask town councillors to do something and fast.

Howard says the residents are also upset at what they see as a non-responsive and uncooperative attitude on the part of town management.

Mayor Court Promotes Immigration

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
           (File Photo)

Immigration is seen as a way for Saint John to turn around years of shrinking or stagnant population numbers.

If the number of people living in the city doesn't increase, Saint John will continue to face a financial crunch year after year.
Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News Saint John has done better over the last two years in attracting but, more importantly, keeping newcomers from moving on and that according to the Mayor, bodes well for the future.

Several Grass Fires Over Long Weekend

City firefighters had to contend with something like a dozen grass fires over the long holiday weekend. They were called out last night to quell a stubborn grass and brush fire in the area of the Gault Road. It took them about an hour to get on top of that blaze.

New Proposal On Table For Future Of Harbour Bridge

               (Harbour Bridge)
                   (File Photo)

As Ottawa and the Province continue to look for middle ground concerning the future of the Harbour Bridge, what does the Authority think of the latest proposal? It has many factors including Ottawa forgiving the debt of the bridge, providing $17.5 million toward repairs and removing the tolls but want the Province to accept sole responsibility of all future costs. Chairman Bob McDevitt tells CHSJ News, he is still going over the numbers. McDevitt is very aware that if a proposal is worked out to remove the tolls, the Authority may be scrapped as well and that means 8 or 9 jobs are in jeopardy.

More Green Energy For Province

(Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir)
                   (File Photo)

The Graham Government continues it's push for more green energy with plenty of turbines already turning aroun the Province. Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, Irving Oil and the Huntsman Marine Science Center also continue to explore how much and in what area's energy can be collected in the Bay.
Keir adds Nova Scotia continues as well to test different types of tidal power technology. Also, a new contract has been awarded to Trans-Alta for a 54-mega-watt second wind farm at Kent Hills, scheduled to be finished this fall.

River Levels On Rise With Milder Than Normal Temperatures

With temperatures in the low to mid teens over the past few days, no doubt if you own a trailer, your thoughts have turned to the camp-ground. Howard Haines owns the Hardings Point Campground and tells CHSJ News, the weather is roughly a month ahead of where they normally are for this time of the year.
Haines adds there is still frost in the ground so they haven't started hooking up water lines yet. If the weather holds, he hopes to be open for the long weekend next month. With water levels along the St. John River rising, they're also keeping an eye on the river just in case of flooding from up north. People who live along the river are being advised to take equipment and machinery out of basements just in case.

Scholarships To Be Awarded In Name Of Retiring Teacher At K-V-H-S

A group of KV Alumni has created an award acknowledging a well-known educator who is retiring.
The Suzanne Doyle-Yerxa Award will fund scholarships for students pursueing post-secondary education in the arts. Brad Stanley is part of a group of KV Alumni who appreciate Doyle-Yerxa's impact on more than 10,000 students in her career.
Yerxa plans to retire at the end of this school year after a teaching career that started in 1977. The scholarships will be handed out at this June's graduation ceremonies and they hope to raise $20, 000 to establish them for the next 20 years.
To donate, visit this website:

K-V Fields Project Moving Right Along

The race is on to put the finishing touches on the KV Fields project behind Kennebecasis Valey High School. Spokes-person Bob Munroe tells CHSJ News, they are close to putting the tender out to have the end zones turfed thanks to a contribution from Ottawa.
Munroe adds the group also is hoping more contributions from the Province are on the way. If everything stays on schedule, it's hoped the new facility will be ready for sporting action this fall.