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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saint John Women Football Players Compete For World Title

For the first time ever a Women's football team from Canada is competing for a World Championship which gets underway Sunday in Stockholm, Sweden. The team has 14 players from the Saint John area. That doesn't come as a surprise to one of them, Lisa Harlow who plays quarterback for the Saint John Storm of the Maritime Women's League. Harlow isn't surprised so many players come from the Maritimes because women's football has been established here for about 7 years.
Harlow tells CHSJ News Canada has a good chance at picking up gold with the big competition coming from Team U-S-A. The tournment concludes July 3rd.

Conservation Council Urges Province To Develop Policy On Renewable Energy

Irving Oil's decision to abandon tidal power research in the Bay of Fundy coming as a surprise to the Conservation Council and its Executive-Director David Coon. He says it points out the need for the province to have an energy strategy especially when it comes to renewable forms of energy. Coon claims New Brunswick is falling behind Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario in this regard.
Irving Oil is basing its decision on uncertainty over the viability of the technology at the moment. Even Coon concedes the technology with tidal power lags behind other renewables such as solar and wind. Irving Oil was working with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews.

Moosehead Light Lime Takes Off In U.S.

Moosehead light lime is proving to be a huge success in the U.S. That's the reaction of Americans in six states to Moosehead Light Lime. Joel Levesque of Moosehead tells CHSJ News in just three months the brewery sold as much of the light lime that had been targeted for the entire year.
Levesque concedes Moosehead officials are even even astounded by how it has taken off.
Levesque says Moose Light Blackberry has been introduced in this province and Prince Edward Island and should be in all liquor stores within the next week.

Snorkel the Seal

There's a celebration in St.Andrews today for a very special seal.

Snorkel, at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, is having a party today at 11am where he will do some tricks and try to blow out a candle.

Snorkel and his dad Loki have been at the aquarium since May 2009.

Murphy In St. Andrews

Former Provincial Justice Minister Mike Murphy will speak to trial lawyers assembling for a conference in St. Andrews today.

Murphy is himself an Atlantic Canadian trial lawyer and the former Attorney General and former Minister of Health.

He resigned from Graham government's cabinet in January.

Murphy will give a lunch time address at the Algonguin entitled the "Transparency of Government and Preserving Access to Justice."

Motorcycle Accident

One man is dead after an accident on Manawagonish Road.

Staff Sergeat Steve Patterson says a motorcycle crashed with another vehicle just before 10 o'clock last night and the man driving the motorcycle died.

His name is not being released until his family have been notified.

No one else was seriously hurt.

Donnie And The Monarchs To Rap Up

It's the end of an era for one of Saint John's most famous band.

Donnie and the Monarchs are calling it a career this fall after 28 years of touring the Maritimes.

Founding member Gary Chase tells CHSJ News it started in Fairvale when they played at a wedding as "Basic 4".

Donnie and the Monarchs are planning a big farewell show in Saint John in November but details are still being worked out.

Chase and fellow bandmate Chris McIntyre adds the band will consider reuniting for special occaisions maybe once a year.