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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quispamsis Announces Court Date Over Dogs Case

The Town of Quispamis is going to court next year over the case of two dogs they have impounded.

In a news release the town says since June 2010, they have received six separate complaints about these dogs and two involved biting.
They say the facts and information that support their decision to bring this forward to the courts will come out at the trial.

In the meantime, the dogs are being boarded at a reputable facility and they are living indoors in a safe and healthy environment.

They maintain the dogs are being well cared for receiving proper attention, exercise, food and water and veterinarian care as needed.
The dogs will remain there until a ruling on their fate comes from the Provincial Court.

The trial is set for January 12th.

Enbridge Says Their Customer Numbers Are Going Up

The large industrial customers are complaining one reason for Enbridge Gas applying to increase its delivery charges for natural gas in the province is the company's failure to sufficiently grow the number of customers. Enbridge General Manager Dave Charleson tells CHSJ News the number of people in the province using natural gas has been going up year by year.

He says it's increasing between 8 and 10 per cent a year and they would like to see more and he says it's reasonable pace of growth.
Charleson says the biggest challenge is the number of people living in homes with electric baseboard heating which costs many thousands of dollars to switch.

CAA Approves Of Proposed Legislation To Curb Driver Dristraction

The Canadian Automobile Association is applauding the introduction of provincial legislation aimed at reducing accidents caused by driver distraction. The legislation would prohibit drivers from using texting devices, portable entertainment devices and hand-held cellphones. The C-A-A's Gary Howard says it's welcome news.

He says they believe it goes further than dealing with the issues of distracted driving and enforcement will be the next step and the final and most component they think is public education are the dangers of distracted driving.

Howard points to research showing 25 per cent of all traffic collisions are caused by distracted drivers and most of these can be traced to the use of mobile devices.

ACAP Saint John Also Vying For Aviva Contest Funding

ACAP Saint John also has an entry in the Aviva Community Fund contest.

Executive Director Tim Vickers tells CHSJ News their project centres on the Marsh Creek Eco Challenge.

He says it would put people into the Marsh creek watershed and see what it has to offer and it would also include a bio blitz where students and biologists and students would identify to fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

He adds it will also include the Eco Challage that may involve mountain biking, canoeing or kayaking.
This round of the voting ends tomorrow but, Vickers feels with their entry in third place now they will make into the top ten.

Saint John has two other entries, one from the Saint John Community Loan Fund and a memorial playground at Seawood school.

To vote for the ACAP project click here

Two People Trapped After Truck Leaves Road

City firefighters responding to a pickup truck leaving the Old Westfield Road last night between the Co-Op and Sobeys shortly after 7:30 . District Fire Chief Eric Garland says the truck rolled over and wound up in a ditch on its side. A man and woman were trapped inside. They were eventually lifted out and taken to hospital.

Unions Are Divided Over Planned City Pension Changes

The city's outside workers union has accepted the proposed changes to its pension plan but Jim Stanley of the Canadian Union of Public Employees tells CHSJ News the members aren't happy about it but recognised the economic realities.

He says they were confronted with the possibility of the city tax rate rising by 17 cents. Despite that, the inside workers at City Hall have voted against the planned changes but Stanley says discussions are continuing and that could change. The Firefighters Union has not spoken publicly about what it thinks.

According to the Saint John Police Association, police department management was not kept in the loop about the changes that were passed by Common Council. The police union is urging M-L-A's to reject the proposed changes claiming there are other options that have not been examined.

Stanley maintains 30 or 40 options were looked at but there was no agreement on what the final package would be.

Child Poverty Rate Down But Future Outlook Doesn't Look Good

17,000 children live in poverty in this province but the child poverty rate is down 5 per cent.

The Human Development Council has released its report card on child poverty with statistics from 2008 that do not reflect the economic realties brought on by the recession.
Researcher Kathryn Asher says they expect things to get worse before they get better with increases in the social assistance caseloads and in the usage of food banks.

Asher adds while the child poverty rate is down, the proportion of children living in working poor famillies is on the rise.

Saint John Board Of Trade Honours Outstanding Businesses

(One Of The Awards Handed Out By Saint John Board Of Trade)
                      (Photo by Nelson Hum)

The Saint John Board of Trade hosting the 26th annual Outstanding Business Achievement Awards.The event recognizes companies or individuals in the community that aid business development and increase economic progress in the city.

Kelson and Kelson Limited picked up the Entrepreneurial Achievement Award with its President Terry Kelson telling CHSJ News things look promising for New Brunswick as a place to do business.

Other recipients include Dillion Consulting for Business Excellence, Clinic Server in the Emerging Enterprise Category, Kiera Fraser of Ju Suis Prest Boutique for the Young Entrepreneur Award and the Saint John Kiwanis Club takes home the Big Heart Award for community work.

Price of Diesel Drops After Weekly Setting

Very little change in the price of self serve regular after the weekly setting. It's selling for $105.5 around town. Diesel has dropped a couple of cents and it listed at $109.7 in the city. Heating oil is at 95.3 cents a litre and propane stands at $107.4.