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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Opponent of proposed NB Power sale thinks Liberals are desperate

(photo courtesy of Greg Cook)

One of the groups opposed to the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec thinks the Graham liberals are getting desperate.

Greg Cook of "No to the Sale of NB Power" which has nearly 30-thousand members on Facebook, tells CHSJ News that is the only explanation as to why the government hired a Washington public relations firm known for selling "lost causes".

The group has a rally planned for March 20th at the Legislature in Fredericton, 11 days before the final vote on the deal.

Fundraising Campaign for UNB Saint John unveiled tomorrow

(Construction at UNB Saint John campus)
(file photo)

The campus at U-N-B-Saint John resembles a huge construction site these days. To help pay for it, a major drive will be announced tomorrow afternoon to launch the University Common's fundraising campaign. U-N-B Saint John Vice-President Dr. Robert McKinnon tells CHSJ News the new Commons building with a state of the art library is being built near entrance.
Dr. McKinnon is hoping the building will reshape the look and feel of the entrance to the campus.

Forest Hills man wants better communication between City and residents

A father who lives in Forest Hills would like to see better communication with the city. Andrew Pettipas became concerned when he saw that his water yesterday was not only discoloured.

He tells CHSJ News he poured a glass of it and you could clearly see things floating in it.

Pettipas says he tried to get information from the city by calling a few numbers without success. He finally did get someone who appeared nervous about saying much of anything and hung up before Pettipas could find out if the water was safe to use.

City fined $3000

The city has been fined 3 thousand dollars for violating the Clean Environment Act.
The charge was laid after a delay by Saint John Water in notifying the Health Department between June 29th and 30th of 2008 which was stipulated as a condition of its approval to operate.

The city maintains at no time was public safety compromised.

Costco Opening and Job Fair Drawing Closer

(New Costco Store At Eastpoint)
(Photo by Jim Hennessy)

If your a fan of Costco, May 27th is the date you want to have circled on your calendar. That's when the largest store in Atlantic Canada in East Saint John will open it's doors. There will be a three day job fair next month with the company looking to hire close to 100 people. Gary Swindells is Regional Operations Vice-President and tells CHSJ News, the starting wage is between $11 and $22 dollars an hour because they want people to have careers and not just jobs.
The job fair starts at the new store in Eastpoint on March 5th between 10 in the morning and 8:00 at night, March 6th between 10 in the morning until 5PM and the 7th from 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

House Destroyed In Rothesay By Explosion And Fire

A house in Rothesay has been destroyed by fire on Colonsay Place near Iona Avenue. Rothesay Regional Police tell CHSJ News there was some sort of explosion or popping heard just after midnight before the fire started. They received a few 9-1-1 calls from people who heard the noise. When police and fire crews arrived, the house was fully engulfed in flames. A car was also destroyed in the fire and part of a garage. Police also tell us a couple got out of the house after being alerted by the family dog. The explosion may have been caused by a propane cylinder in the garage.

Traffic Disruption Today Along Highway 7

Traffic along Highway 7 at Welsford about one kilometers north of the intersection with Highway 101 will be disrupted this afternoon around 4:00 because of blasting. The Department of Transportation says it will last for about 15 minutes.

Free Seminar on Budgeting

As the credit cards bills from Christmas start to squeeze your finances, some expert advice might be needed.
Tamara Kelly of Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada tells CHSJ News they are offering tips on how to budget your money. Kelly says the most important thing people should know about budgeting is how much is coming in and going out and the implications of carrying debt.
Tonight's free seminar will be held at Gentle Path Counselling on Germain Street from 6:30 to 8pm.

Meeting To Be Held Tonight on Liquor Store For Kingston Pensinsula

The Kingston Peninsula might soon be home to an NB Liquor agency store. There will be a meeting at the Legion on the Peninsula tonight to explore the possibility. The meeting gets started at the Legion at seven o'clock. The NB Liquor Corporation says there has been an expression of interest in the community but approval will be needed from the people who live there before the next step is taken. That would be to determine if there is an existing business willing to house an agency liquor outlet.

Water In East Saint John Could Be Discoloured

You might have to run your taps for a few minutes before you get in the shower if you live in East Saint John.
Saint John Water tells CHSJ News that a transmission line was returned to service yesterday and that stirred up some sediment in the system.
They expect the issue was cleared up overnight and assure us the water is safe to drink, cook with and bathe in. Brent McGovern of Saint John Water reports 22 million litres of water a day is leaking from one kilometer of pipe between Finney Hill and Lakewood Heights. He maintains a system of district metering will allow the city to get a better handle on where the heaviest leaks are occurring with alot of water being lost.