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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Police Involved In Slow-Speed Pursuit

Police involved in a slow speed chase in the City earlier this afternoon.

A driver refusing to stop for police but only travelling at a rate of 50 kilometres an hour.

The car meandering through the West side and North end as officers followed.

Police were able to stop the vehicle at Jack Street and Sandy Point Road near Rockwood Park.

The driver took off on foot and was caught by police and is facing drug charges.

Information Not Getting To Committee Analyzing Point Lepreau Refurbishment

Opposition Energy Critic and member of the Select Committee on Point Lepreau Brian Kenny says he is getting frustrated with the lack of information he is receiving about the Point Lepreau refurbishment.

The committee is suppose to analyze the refurbishment contract and hold the federal government accountable for the cost overruns but Kenny tells CHSJ News he has yet to receive any data.

He says he is getting mixed signals as to whether there is dialogue going on between the province and the federal government behind the committee's back.

Gas Prices May Drop Tomorrow

If you were holding off until pay day to fill up...wait one more day.

Choatic trading on petroleum markets today has gas prices falling and a subsequent drop is expected in premium gas tomorrow by as much as 8 cents a litre.
Regular gas prices may also drop as well.

Development On The Waterfront Should Be Mixed

The Saint John Waterfront should consist of mixed-use development according to Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker with Urban Strategies.

She was speaking at the 1st Annual Waterfront Conference being held at the Trade and Convention Centre today.

She tells CHSJ News it makes the waterfront more financially sustainable if there is constant activity by the water.

She says the city has a unique opportunity to make the waterfront accessible for all people while being a thriving residential and commercial area.

Police Officers Honoured For Long Term Service

Eight serving and retired city police officers are sporting new certificates and medals for long term service and peace keeping missions.
The awards were handed out during a ceremony including one to recently retired Sgt Pat Bonner who served just over 40-years and tells CHSJ News he's witnessed many changes from power steering being introduced to police cruisers to the in-car computers and other technology of today.
Also honored for long term service were Constables Chris Acker - Ray Coleman - John Grady - Staff Sergeant Tanya LeBlanc - and - retired Inspector Bill Hanley.
Constable Greg Oram and retired Sergeant Kim Phillps received the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal for serving with missions in East Timor and Sudan.

Millrats Joining New National Basketball League

The Saint John Millrats are joining the National Basketball League of Canada.   Halifax and Quebec will also join franchise groups from Moncton and London, Barrie, Kingston and Oshawa, Ontario have membership offers pending.   Millrats Owner and Vice-President of Marketing David Cooper says the Millrats season will likely start October/November and finish in February/March.
Cooper says at this time Jaren Jackson is still head coach for the Saint John Millrats but talks will be happening over the summer.
Andre Levingston CEO of the Halifax Rainmen will be the interim head of the National Basketball League of Canada which will have it's headquarters in Toronto.

Premier Urged To Stop Shale Gas Development Permanently

Premier David Alward getting a letter from the Penniac Anti-Shale Gas Organisation claiming that in every jurisdiction where shale gas exploration has taken place, people have lost their water and their health.

Spokesperson Armand Paul tells CHSJ News there is no way the government can regulate adequate protection for homeowners.

The group is calling for shale gas development and exploration in the province to be stopped permanently because there are no regulations that would be able to protect homeowners.

Environment Minister Margaret Ann Blaney is about to leave for Pennsylvania to see how its working there. She says nothing tangible will happen for at least two years if the provincial government decides to move ahead.

Interim Provincial Liberal Leader Victor Boudreau is accusing the Alward Government of being too industry friendly on this issue.

There are concerns hydraulic fracturing or fracking to extract the natural gas will contaminate water supplies wth methane.

Rise In Gas Prices Stemmed

Some good news for those drivers who use self serve regular......The price has gone down after the weekly setting by almost three and a half cents a litre.

Self serve is selling around town for $1.29.9 while diesel is slightly higher than it has been the past few days at $1.26.6.

Propane has gone up almost three cents and is listed at $1.14.2 a litre. Heating oil is also higher at $1.11.3.

Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement will hold a news conference in Toronto today to discuss the fluctuating cost of gasoline.

He will comment as motorists welcome a downswing in pump prices after prices rose 6.5 cents a litre on Tuesday in much of Ontario, Montreal and Vancouver, then by another 2.5 cents per litre on Wednesday.

Today's decrease comes after gasoline futures and oil prices tumbled on Wall Street Wednesday to drag down the price of oil below US$100 a barrel.

Funding Of Nursing Homes Defended

The Provincial Minister of Social Development Sue Stultz says taking care of seniors in the province is a government responsibility.

Stultz tells CHSJ News the province does provide significant funding to nursing homes despite the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes saying the funding has not been keeping up with the increase in the costs of taking care of the elderly who are getting older and require more medications.

Stultz tells CHSJ News half of the budget for social development is designated for seniors and senior care.

She adds the government is working to increase the number of beds available in the province in a way that is fiscally responsible.

There are an estimated 500 people in hospital beds who should be in nursing homes but space these days is at a premium. It is also twice as expensive keeping someone in the hospital as compared to a nursing home. 

Stultz maintains seniors want to be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible and that is the government's number one priority.

The province is currently reviewing aged care in the province through the Nursing Home Renovation and Replacement Plan.

School District 8 On Horns Of A Dilemma

School District 8 is trying to work out a scheduling conflict.

This year, the middle school track and field meet is set for the week of the June 7th which coincides with the provincial assessments.

Superintendent Susan Tipper tells CHSJ News the dates for the meets were chosen last year but parents don't need to panic...the track and field meet has not been cancelled.
They're trying to re-book for the following week at the Canada Games Stadium. Tipper adds the Districtwide Track And Field meet for elementary students is on June 4th.