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Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Brother Act To Be Sworn In At City Hall

It will be a family affair in the council chambers tonight when Saint John's new brother duo are sworn in as Mayor and Councillor with a little help from their Dad.    Melrose Norton will give the prayer at tonight's ceremony where his son Mel will become Mayor and his son Greg will become a councillor representing Ward 1.

Mel Norton will be given the oath of office by Justice B. Richard Bell.

The new councillors will then be given the oath and the new crew around the horseshoe include a few familliar faces in Bill Farren, Donnie Snook and Shirley McAlary.   The newbies are David Merrithew, Susan Fullerton, Ray Strowbridge, John McKenzie, Dr. Shelley Rinehart, Donna Reardon and Greg Norton.

The election of Deputy Mayor, widely expected to be Shelley Rinehart,  will take place and the new Mayor will give his first address followed by remarks from the councillors.