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Friday, May 25, 2012

Methadone Study Shows Need For Retention

A two year study of the methadone clinic at St. Joseph's hospital showing in the importance of keeping people in treatment.
Dr. Tim Christie of AIDS Saint John tells CHSJ News that Saint John had a retention rate of 95 per cent between August 09 and August 2010--which is the highest in the country.

He says without treatment they are managing their addiction untreated and predictable things happen such as an increase in crime and busier emergency rooms.

Dr. Christie also noting that 70 per cent of the cost of treatment are pharmacist dispensing fees which is an essential part of the service.

He thinks money already being spent could be allocated in a better way to decrease the waitlist helping more people get treatment.

If untreated, an addict in the province costs taxpayers between the cost of healthcare and crime on average $45,000 a year.
The cost to treat one person on Methadone for a year is less than $5900.