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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Common Council Looking At Making More Cuts

Since there has been such a turnover at Common Council which is made up of mostly new members, Ward One Councillor Bill Farren wants a pension teach-in to bring everyone up to speed. 

More than a few of the new Council members were angry at being called upon to approve changes to the city's pension plan that had been worked on for months by the previous Council just two days after being sworn in. 

Farren is worried about a warning from City Manager Pat Woods about the possibility of 4 million dollars more in cuts having to be made unless the pension changes that have been approved at the city level are implemented.

CHSJ News has been told those proposed reforms will not be dealt with during the current session of the Provincial Legislature.
Ward 3 Councillor Donnie Snook doesn't want to see another 500 thousand dollars in cuts to City Transit.