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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NB Conservatives Choose Candidate For SJ Harbour

The provincial Conservatives choosing their candidate for Saint John Harbour for the election next year. 

Current MLA Carl Killen highlighting the importance of moving forward natural gas and natural resource development, pension reform and more in a speech to party members at the nomination meeting.

Killen says if natural gas, specifically shale gas, development can't be done safely it won't be done but they will be moving ahead with it because they believe it will provide an economic benefit and has the power to bring families together. He calls it morally good.

Killen was elected to his current position three years ago and he tells CHSJ News his riding is the poorest in New Brunswick and arguably the only purely urban riding in the province. He says the biggest thing for him is being able to give some help and comfort to the people in his riding who are having a tough go of it.