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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two Rexton Protestors Opt For A Trial, One Gets Time Served

 27 year old Coady Stevens of Nova Scotia pleading guilty to five charges dating back to October's shale gas protests in Rexton.

Stevens faces several charges including assaulting a police officer.   He's been in jail since his arrest and was sentenced to time served with several conditions including that he stay away from any SWN Resources equipment, compound or worksite.

20 year old Aaron Francis of Nova Scotia pleading not guilty to 16 changes stemming from incidents on October 17th.
The charges include two counts of assault on a police officer, assault on a corrections officer and eight charges relating to firearms.

21 year old Germain Breau of Upper Rexton was also in court pleading not guilty to 19 charges in connection with his actions on the same day.

Francis and Breau are due back before a judge on December 30th to have trial dates set.