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Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Take On The Estabrooks Scandal

Politic leverage and a high-powered lawyer...... not police ineptitude......were the key factors that allowed disgraced former Saint John Police Officer Ken Estabrooks to continue his abuses against children for so long....that's the theory being put forward by blogger and amateur historian Ron Jack. 

Jack tells CHSJ News he's done some digging into council minutes and other documents....and found the council of the day was intimidated by Estabrooks and his lawyer Rodman E. Logan.

He says know Mr. Estabrooks knew what he was doing saying he brought a gun to a knife fight and he was intimidating city council.

Jack says pinning all the blame for the continuation of Estabrook's abuses on then-police chief Eric Ferguson overly simplifies the complex political game Estabrooks was playing.