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Monday, January 27, 2014

CHSJ News Informs Man On Floating Ferry When He'll Be Rescued

A cable broke on the Westfield ferry about 1030 this morning due to ice build up with 8 cars, 10 passengers and 2 crew members on board the ferry.

One of those passengers is Mike Koti of Summerville, who called CHSJ News from the anchored vesssel, telling us he got on the ferry at Harding's Point's about only travelled about 50 feet and there was a big bang with ice hitting the side of the boat.

After that he heard a big bang underneath his car and thought "oh no, don't tell me they broke the cable".

While Koti himself was unaware of this until we told him,  DOT told CHSJ News in an email a short time ago that the crew dropped anchor and the ferry will be towed to shore at approximately 2pm this afternoon when ice is expected to move in the river with the change in tides.