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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

City Council Will Get Cost Comparison Between RCMP & SJPD

Standing room only at Common Council, with people pouring in to hear which way Councillors would vote on a request for a report on how much it would cost for the RCMP to police the city. 

Councillor Shirley McAlary raising concerns about running into legal trouble since both the Mayor and Councillor Greg Norton sit on the Police Commission. She says the city could be penalized by the Labour Board and she does not want to be involved in a lawsuit. 

Mayor Mel Norton casting the tie-breaking vote in favour of getting a cost comparison between the RCMP and city police. With contract negotiations currently underway, Saint John Police Association President Jamie Hachey tells CHSJ News if this continues they will be going straight to the Labour Board. He says they will not be browbeat into a labour settlement.

Hachey accusing the Mayor of driving a wedge between council members.