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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Limits To Rural/Residential Development Upset Land Developers

A massive proposed subdivision in the Latimore Lake area has hit some snags due to PlanSJ, which stipulates the area isn't ideal for rural/residential development.

Land developer Kimberly Wilson didn't mince words when asked whether there was some compromise that would satisfy her and her husband, who own Latimore Estates, saying the only thing that they would consider fair would be to continue the development as they've planned for the past ten years.

But Morgan Lannigan of the Planning Advisory Committee explained her 160-lot development is simply too sprawling. Further, he says the developers did not participate in the PlanSJ consultation process that would have given them a chance to air their concerns earlier.

Other councillors raised concerns about the timeline for the development given it's just a mom and pop operation. The plan was ammended so they'll be allowed to develop about 47 lots--instead of the 160 they wanted.