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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Staying On Top Of Healthy Eating Resolutions

It can be tough to stay motivated throughout the year to achieve the healthy eating goals you made at the very beginning.

Nutritionist Leslie Fancey has some tips for keeping on top of your New Year's Resolutions. She says it's important to be realistic, which will help you stay motivated. 

"Keeping up with a sensible weight loss of maybe about a pound to a pound and a half a week. That's a much more healthy way to lose weight than setting expectations high and thinking 'oh, I'm going to lose three to five every week.' It's just not sustainable, it's not even desirable to lose that much," she says.

She adds, stocking your cupboards with whole natural foods, can help you resist temptation, along with making a list before grocery shopping to help you stay on track.

She also suggests having an accountability buddy such as "a friend or a spouse, someone who you can show your food diary to, or share issues or challenges that you're facing."