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Friday, January 3, 2014

VIDEO: CHSJ News Tests Out The Mpemba Effect

Here's a fun trick to try with the kids at home.

CHSJ News Reporters Julia Wright and Leena Ali decided to test out the Mpemba effect--a.k.a., the idea that "in some circumstances, warmer water can freeze faster than colder water. Although there is anecdotal support for the effect, there is no agreement on exactly what the effect is and under what circumstances it occurs." (Wikipedia). 

Turns out a mug of boiling water, the back parking lot of a local radio station, and a Port City Day with -35 windchill are all the circumstances you need to see the Mpemba effect (pronounced "Ma-pemba") for yourself. For a slightly more scientific explanation of what causes the effect, click here

Try it yourself at home!