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Friday, February 28, 2014

Horizon Gets Standing In The Perry Inquest

In a historic decision in this province, a judge in Saint John has overturned a coroner's decision that Horizon Health does not have standing in the upcoming inquest into Serena Perry's death.

With this move, Horizon can now call witnesses and cross examine witnesses in the inquest that is set to begin on March 17th--although Horizon's lawyer, John Barry, predicts it could take considerably longer than the 2 weeks that have been set aside.

It's also unclear whether the suspect in her death, who the court understands now lives in Alberta, will be called as a witness unless he decides to come willingly. Perry died at the Regional two years ago and criminal charges were never laid in her death.

Another hearing in this matter is set for March 10th.

Serena's mother Rose Perry was in court today.