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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cardy Lays Out Plan To Save Province Money

The NDP leader for New Brunswick suggesting trimming the fat in the government's senior management sector as one of many ways the province can save money. 

Dominic Cardy laying out a plan to save more than $213-million as a way to help balance the budget. Cardy says he would cut the size of the cabinet down to 10 from 17, the number of deputy ministers to 14 from 27 and the number of senior managers to 50 from over 100.

He also estimates taxpayers would save around $2-million if MLAs used spare offices in government buildings instead of paying rent for office space. Another more than $74-million could be saved by delivering on the promise of the last Liberal government to centralize common government services, according to Cardy.

Cardy coming out with the plan just after the release of the Alward Government's budget.