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Monday, February 10, 2014

Warning About Deer Attracting More Coyotes

There's a lack of acknowledgement about the presence of Lyme Disease in the province.....So says Anne Downey of Model Farm Road whose dog "Gus" was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. 

She likens dogs to canaries in the mine shaft because once a family pet is afflicted, it's just a matter of time because it spreads to people. She also warns the growing number of deer are attracting coyotes that see the deer as lunch.

Downey's husband, Robert tells CHSJ News they also have a real problem with deer on Darling's Island, Millidgeville and Deer Island.

Downey also says just one deer eats a ton of food a year and for every one you see, there are six others roaming about. He blames the Bambi syndrome for inaction thus far but would like to see people fined for feeding deer and special permits issued to bow hunters.