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Monday, March 17, 2014

Unique Drinking Facts For Saint Patrick's Day

It's Saint Patrick's Day in Canada's "Most Irish" City, which means the whiskey and green beer will be flowing at local watering holes.

To help your avoid feeling green tomorrow, CHSJ News has gathered a few drinking tips:

-Eat before you drink, especially proteins, fats and dense carbohydrates: they'll slow down the rate at which you get tipsy and allow you to enjoy the fun for longer.

-Pop and other carbonated mixers make your body absorb the alcohol faster, as does drinking warm drinks like Irish Coffee. Energy drinks mask your body's ability to tell you when you've had enough, making you more likely to drink more and be hungover.

- If you want to drink responsibly you should have no more than one drink per hour, or alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.

-Once alcohol is in your blood neither coffee nor a cold shower will make you sober up more quickly.

-One trick for avoiding a hangover: if you're drinking bottled beer, put your bottle caps in your pocket. Count them and have that many glasses of water when you get home. 

 Above all, make sure that you have a plan to get home safely and don't drive if you've been celebrating.