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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parent Unhappy At Washroom Investigation By Education Department

A parent whose son attends Kennebecasis Valley High says he's dissatisfied with the investigation that was carried out by the Education Department into whether all the boy's washrooms but one were closed for 2 and a half days recently. 

Blair Surette tells CHSJ News he was told by a senior official in the Education Dcepartment that Superintendent Zoe Watson denied it happened which was what she told us in an interview. Surette questions how all the boys he talked to could be wrong and points out Watson wasn't there are the school.

We also heard from another parent, who did not what her name used, who told us she was told by her daughter one boys' washroom and two washrooms for the girls were open.

Surette is vowing not to let the matter drop and is nowlooking at writing a letter of complaint to the Premier.