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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Police Association Not Surprised

The President of the New Brunswick Police Association is hoping any talk of switching Saint John over to the RCMP will end once and for all. This follows the recommendation by City Manager Pat Woods against the switch, warning of dire financial implications. 

Dean Secord tells CHSJ News Mayor Mel Norton should have listened to the new chair of the Police Commission, Jonathon Franklin who's well aware of Moncton's experience with the RCMP. Franklin has been vocal in his support of retaining City Police. There has also been criticism of Common Council for bypassing the Police Commission. 

In a written report to Common Council, Woods says any switch as he warns it could sink the shared risk pension plan and result in the tax rate rising by 28 to 35 cents.

The suggestion has been made that all this talk of changing over to the RCMP was an attempt to influence contract negotiations between the city and the Saint John Police Association.