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Thursday, January 30, 2014

RCMP Cracking Down On Distracted Driving

That phone call you answered while driving could cost you upwards of $170.

The RCMP say they are cracking down on cell phone use while driving. Officers in Oromocto issuing seven fines to motorists on Tuesday and Wednesday while in an unmarked vehicle to people who were using their phones behind the wheel.

They stress drivers who are distracted behind the wheel put themselves and others in danger as they're at a higher risk for being involved in a crash. Constable Derek Black says you have to pull over if you want to use your phone, or have a hands-free device installed in your vehicle. He says you have to be able to react quickly and be paying attention to the roads at all times.

For information on the law regarding cell phone use while driving or if you have questions about any motor vehicle law, head over to the N.B. Department of Public Safety website  or contact the RCMP at 1-888-506-RCMP (7267).